Our Commitments to You

Highly Effective
UV Sanitizers

We will make the most effective UV sanitizers possible using quality parts and prudent engineering

Safe UV
Light Sanitizers

We will keep safety in mind every time we engineer a new device and deploy effective safety features

UV Sanitizers

We will engineer products for consumers and small businesses at an affordable price

Accredited &

We will test products at accredited labs and make the disinfection reports publicly available

About Germozap

James McLennan, CEO

Mr. McLennan has been a successful businessman for over 40 years as well as a successful builder and contractor.  In his spare time, “Jim” likes to golf and go boating as well as do woodworking.

Timothy Bush., VP Marketing

Timothy Bush has 22 years of specialized experience in connecting companies and their products with large retail chains, especially Costco.

Prior to working with Germozap, Mr. Bush served as the Director of Stores for Oreck Corporation where he had full strategic, operating, and P&L responsibility for the daily management of Oreck‘s Company Store Division. 

Mr. Bush has worked at the executive level for companies such as Bed Bath and Beyond, Office Depot, Toys R Us and Barnes and Noble.

In his spare time, “Tim” likes to cook, sketch and enjoy water sports.

Emma Khan, M.D., Medical Director

Dr. Khan is a practicing physician in Colorado. 

Having graduated in 2003 from Aga Khan Medical College, she subsequently completed a residency at the University of Kansas in Anatomic and Clinical Pathology in 2009 and then an additional fellowship in Cytopathology in 2010.

This triple board certification in pathology makes her a triple threat to disease causing bacteria and viruses. In addition to treating patients, Dr. Khan serves as a spokesperson for Germozap and helps guide the company to create the safest and most effective UVC sanitizers possible. 

In her limited spare time, Dr. Khan likes to travel, ski and play the piano.

Germozap Founders
Karen & Mom "Jan"
Mom & Daughter Team "Karen & Jan"

When I first heard that you could virtually eliminate bacteria and viruses from the air and surfaces simply by shining a light, I was  skeptical.  Seriously, if it were that easy, why wasn’t this all over the news and hadn’t I heard of it until now?

So I began to read about this amazing technology and what I found was stunning.

  • UVC light has proven highly effective at killing bacteria and viruses on surfaces and in the air including coronavirus
  • UVC has been used for more than 100 years to sterilize our drinking water and even treat raw sewage.
  • Hospitals trust UVC light to disinfect their spaces.

Well, that was all I needed to know.  I wanted this to protect my own family!

But when I got online to try to buy something, I saw devices that were sub-standard or even fake.  I had read about the dangers of UVC light and most of these devices lacked the requisite safety features. Additionally, some devices just didn’t have enough power to be very effective.

So Germozap began consulting with scientists, engineers and manufacturers to create the safest and most effective UVC light sanitizers on the market and make them affordable for everyone.

Germozap has created a suite of affordable, safe and highly effective UV sanitizers for home and business use.

Our goal is to make the most effective, safest UVC devices at a price that everyone can afford.

Trying to get the word out about this incredible technology, I don’t get much free time but when I do, I love to travel, go to the beach, be out on the water, golfing or cooking.

We use these devices in our own homes.
If we won’t use it, we won’t sell it!
-Karen Wagner-