works great!

Great filter! We have terrible spring allergies and this works great to help filter out the pollen from the air. It’s also nice that it has a UV filter. And it’s very quiet too.

Works very well!

This is lightweight and easy to move around your home. It has multiple settings, and it very thinly made so it does not take up a lot of space. The fan is quiet and the different features fit for any room. 

Third advanced purifier

If I had the room and inclination to care for more, I’d get one for every room. we’ve started using these air cleaners in the rooms he frequents most. We added this one to our room and it does work really well. It senses changes in the air quickly. Our rooms smell fresh and we seem to have less dust.



Unit works great, it is quiet easy to use and work great 

Does the job

We could notice an improvement in air quality within a matter of hours. 

love the device

I can’t find filters , germozap website I looked.. I can’t find the size of the filter to search for it off brand somewhere.. I’m fighting mold and this was my second weapon against it.. love the device otherwise.

Awesome product!!

We love the product!! No only cleans the air but helps us sleep!!! It does an amazing job. I can feel the difference in the cleanliness of the air!!

UPDATE…All issues resolved with Excellent customer service

The very nice person with whom I spoke was very helpful and has arranged to send me a new cover. I am very pleased with the air purifier, and I would recommend BOTH the Germozap and the company. I would buy this again…it is an excellent air filter with many helpful features.

Outstanding air filter! Accurate air quality sensor

I have 2 of these operating in my home due to California’s forest mismanagement since their uncontrollable wildfire smoke is turning our air quality to some of the worst on planet earth (literally). I can attest that they work very well because my 6 year old is no longer complaining of headaches. This is an awesome air filter!!!