Third advanced purifier

Third advanced purifier

Our house is three stories and this is our third advanced type of air purifier. We have one that is much more expensive and another that was around the same price but they all seem to work the same way. The other two have much larger (thicker) filters, though. I’m not sure if that means it will filter more or if it will just last longer.

If I had the room and inclination to care for more, I’d get one for every room. We have four cats– lots of fur and dander. And, we have one cat who coughs but the vet hasn’t figured out what it is. It’s not asthma, it’s not a respiratory infection, it’s not a hairball. We think maybe the dust that I’m constantly trying to keep ahead of (we have more dust than I think is normal– it’s a constant battle) is affecting this little fantastic kitty. So, we’ve started using these air cleaners in the rooms he frequents most.

We added this one to our room and it does work really well. It senses changes in the air quickly and seems to work well. It’s easy to set up. It’s not huge, so we’re able to take it around to some of the other rooms on the same floor, leave in there for several hours (although it works much faster than that on each room), and bring it back to mostly stay in our room, where my cutie kitty mostly likes to be.

I think this is working well. We have seen a little reduction in coughing but since we don’t know the cause, I’m not sure that’s even a fair gauge. The machine seems to work well and it’s a bargain compared to some others.

Our rooms smell fresh and we seem to have less dust.