UPDATE…All issues resolved with Excellent customer service

UPDATE…All issues resolved with Excellent customer service

UPDATE on October 28, 2021:
I heard from the company later that day. They were happy to help and (I’m embarrassed to say) there actually was a line within the Instruction Manual stating that one should pull on the bottom part of the front cover first. I had missed it when I read the manual. The very nice person with whom I spoke was very helpful and has arranged to send me a new cover. Now that I am able to use it (you have to take the cover off, take the plastic off of the filter, and then replace the filter), I am very pleased with the air purifier, and I would recommend BOTH the Germozap and the company. Do note that the cover might be on very tightly and require a hefty tug to get it off. The good news about that is it sure isn’t likely to fall off with use! I would buy this again…it is an excellent air filter with many helpful features.


I am so pissed off right now. I called the company and got a message saying that all reps were busy and to leave my name and number–which I did–but I have not yet received their call.

I read the entire instruction pamphlet, and the only instructions for putting in the filter were “Remove the cover” and put in the filter.

Well, my cover wouldn’t come off. I tried pulling up on each of the four sides, pulling up on two sides, sliding the cover left/right/up/down, peering in through the side opening to see if there were release tabs…NOTHING worked.

After not hearing from the Germozap folks and wanting to use the air purifier, I gave it one last try and with all of my strength was finally able to pull it off. BUT in the process, the COVER CRACKED right above the “zap” of “Germozap.”

Now I have a cracked cover and I’m afraid that when it’s time to replace the filter, the crack will get bigger because it takes a ridiculous amount of force to get it off. If it weren’t such a pain in the butt to have to pack it up and send it back, I would do that. In the meantime, I’m stuck with a cracked cover and still have no idea if there was some different way to remove it.

I’m DISGUSTED. How difficult would it be to add a line to the “instruction” manual showing how to remove the cover without cracking it?