Daycare Facilities

Daycare Facilities


Daycare Facilities Can Be a Breeding Ground for Germs including Flu, MRSA and Coronavirus. Now You Can Use Scientifically Proven UV Light Sanitizers Formerly Only Available to Hospitals to Keep Your Daycare Germ Free!

Air Purifier Viruses Large Room

Viral Air Scrub UV Air Purifier for
Bacteria & Viruses LARGE ROOM

Your Daycare Sanitizing Machine for Air
Works Quietly in the Background Zapping Viruses
from the Air up to 99.99%
Perfect for Use when Children Are Present
UV Light

MEGA 100w
UV Sanitizer Lamp

Hospitals Trust UV Sterilizers to Disinfect Their Spaces
Now You Can Use this UV Room Sterilizer Lamp to
Deeply Disinfect Your Entire Daycare After Hours
Including Surfaces, Toys, Objects and Air Up to 99.99%

UV Light Sanitizer Personal Air Purifier

Viral Air Scrub UV Air Purifier

Effortlessly Eliminate Viruses from the Air
Perfect for Administrative Offices or Small Rooms up to 120sf
Show Parents You Care about Their Child’s Health
UV sanitizer wand

UV Sanitizer Wand

Sanitize Daycare Toys & High Touch Areas.
Impress Parents & Show Them You Care about Their Child’s Safety

Karen Wagner

Operations Manager