Germozap MEGA 100w UV Sanitizer Lamp

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Deeply Sanitize Your Home or Office
Including Surfaces, Objects and Air of Viruses and Bacteria.

Hospitals Trust UV Sterilizer Lamps to Disinfect Their Spaces. Now You Can Use UVC to Sanitize Yours!

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Why Germozap UV Sanitizer Room Lamp Is Top Choice

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Officials Recommend UVC


“UVC radiation is a known disinfectant for air, water, and nonporous surfaces”

Food & Drug Administration

National Institutes of Health

“Only seconds of exposure is required for complete inactivation of bacteria and viruses”​

National Institutes of Health​

CDC Recommends UVC

“UVC is effective in reducing the transmission of airborne bacterial and viral infections”

Centers for Disease Control​

Scientifically Proven Disinfection Formerly Only Available to Hospitals!

Now UVC sanitizers are available to consumers and businesses. Deeply sanitize entire rooms just like hospitals including surfaces, air & everything in the room!

Scientifically proven to kill all bacteria and viruses including the coronavirus which causes COVID 19, up to 99.99% regardless of strain or mutation.


Germozap is the only seller to post fully downloadable disinfection reports.

UV Sanitizer Hospital
UV Light Sanitizer Home

Don't Just Clean Your Home. SANITIZE IT WITH UVC!

Have peace of mind knowing your home is not just clean, it’s SANITIZED!

Ideal for large rooms up to 1,075 sf 

Germozap UV Light Sanitizer Room Lamp is Perfect for Offices, Stores, Schools, Churches, Restaurants, Salons Gyms & More!

Deeply sanitize your entire business after hours.  Show your customers you care about their health and that your business is safe.  Protect employees. Eliminate illness causing germs up to 99.99% thereby reducing sick days

How to Sanitize Office
100w UV Light Sanitizer Lamp

Don't Settle for a Weak UV Sterilizer

Most room sanitizer lamps are only 38w which means they have less disinfecting power, are limited to small areas, and take longer to get the job done. 

And if they are priced under $100, they use inferior bulbs which burn our quickly or have reduced UVC output over time.

We even include a UVC light test card so you can see the UVC sanitizing light in action!

Your Amazing Ultraviolet Light Sanitizer Is Expertly Engineered with Safety in Mind

As moms, we care about your safety. So we made sure to include the necessary features for the safe use of your sanitizer:

  • Delayed Start: Allows 30 seconds to leave the room before the lamp activates
  • Remote Control: Safely start the lamp from outside the room. Includes remote control with batteries.
  • Child Lock: Kids? No problem. Our UVC Sanitizer Lamp has a built-in child lock so only you can turn it on
Germozap UV Room Sanitizer Safety Features
Effortless Large UV Room Sanitizer

Effortlessly Sanitize while You Focus on Other Things

Just set it and forget it. Your professional-grade UVC room sterilizer/room freshener sanitizes while you’re away.
  1. 1. Set disinfection time on your ultraviolet light sterilizer. The UV light bulb is delayed for 30 seconds
  2. 2. Leave room & let your UV room sanitizer lamp do the rest

When you return, everything in the room including the air will be sanitized up to 99.99%

UVC is Not Just for Coronavirus

Not just for coronavirus that causes COVID 19, your UV room sanitizer kills Flu, MRSA, Staph, E.coli, Salmonella & more keeping you healthy all year long.

UVC is also great for preventing and killing mold spores and small insects like mites.

UV Room Sanitizer Bacteria Viruses Mold Mites Odor
Germozap Viral Air Scrub Odor Eliminator

Bacteria Cause Odors + UVC Kills Bacteria That Cause Odors = UVC Is a Great Odor Remover!

Great for strong odor. Expensive sprays mask odors. And disinfectant sprays are poisonous and are known to cause cancer.

Ultraviolet light kills bacteria that cause odors. As a result, your UVC room sanitizer is an ideal:

  1. Pet Odor Remover
  2. Cat Odor Eliminator
  3. Kitty Litter Odor Remover
  4. Dog Smell Eliminator
  5. Bathroom Smell Remover
  6. Cigarette-Smoke Smell Remover
  7. Room Air Deodorizer
  8. Closet Freshener
  9. Musty Mold Cleaner-Mold Control

Unlike other disinfection equipment and air fresheners, our UVC lamp uses no chemicals.

U.S. - Mom Owned Company
Absolutely Guaranteed!

Germozap is U.S. owned and operated by a mom who truly cares about people and families!

Germozap is EPA registered: Est. 97721-CA-2

Our UV room sanitizer lamp is environmentally friendly, uses no poisonous chemicals or throw-away plastics.

We guarantee an iron-clad 1-year unconditional warranty on your UV sanitizer light so you have zero risk. 

We use this UV sterilizer lamp, to protect our families from dangerous germs and as an odor eliminator and room freshener.

If we don’t use it, we don’t sell it!

Germozap Founders

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MEGA 100w UV Light Sanitizer Lamp

Why Choose Germozap
UV Light Room Sanitizer?

Highest Lamp

Reliable UVC Output Over Life of Bulb

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Only Seller to
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Frequently Asked Questions

100w – greater disinfection

Larger rooms up to 1,075sf

Safety features

Quality UVC bulb

U.S. based, mom-owned company

The more watts a UV sanitizer lamp has:
  1. 1. The greater the disinfection,
  2. 2. The shorter time to disinfect,
  3. 3. More watts can disinfect larger rooms

The Germozap MEGA 100w UV Light Sanitizer can accommodate a room size up to 1,075sf

UVC sanitizers are completely safe when used properly.  There are 3 simple rules:

  1. 1. NEVER look at the light directly

If you look at the light, you may not notice any adverse reactions.  Others have reported burning and a feeling like “sand in the eyes.”  These symptoms are temporary.  But prolonged exposure can also cause cataracts.  It’s very simple: DO NOT LOOK DIRECTLY AT THE LIGHT

  1. 2. You should never be in the room when this light is on (animals and pets should not be in the room either)

Again, this is very simple. We have provided the necessary features to eliminate this problem.
a) You can turn on the light from the base.  You will hear beeping for 30 seconds which will becomes faster during the last 15 seconds before the light turns on. This gives you plenty of time to leave the room and close the door before the bulb turns on.  If you’re still in the room (which you should not be) simply leave immediately while shielding your eyes from the light.
b) Leave the room and close the door and use the included remote control to urn on the lamp.

  1. 3. Do not expose your skin to the light

If your skin is exposed briefly, you will not likely notice any adverse reaction. However prolonged exposure can cause a sunburn and skin cancer just like the sun. Again, it’s very simple: LEAVE THE ROOM WHILE THE LIGHT IS ON

No because you will not be in the room when the light is on or expose your skin or eyes to the light (Refer to the FAQ above: Is This UVC Sanitizer Lamp Dangerous)

Yes!  Never leave animals or pets (including snakes, spiders etc) in the room while the UVC Sanitizer Lamp is on.

Either remove the pet or cover the cage completely with a blanket or towel.

UVC cannot penetrate regular glass so fish tanks should be fine.  However, as an added precaution, we recommend covering the tank with a towel or blanket

UVC is a wavelength of light (like UVA and UVB) produced by the sun which is prevented from hitting the Earth by our ozone layer.

Anything that can be damaged by the sun can be damaged by UVC.

Furniture can fade over time any hundreds of uses. Artwork can be damaged nd plants can be burned.

  • 1. Remove, cover or hide plants in a place where the light cannot reach (like a closed closet or under a desk at the office)
  • 2. Remove or cover artwork (unless it has glass front – UVC cannot penetrate regular glass)
  • 3. Don’t set the lamp directly on fabric furniture like your couch. If you have an antique or other expensive piece of furniture, simply cover it

UVC light can only disinfect what the light can hit directly.  So, it cannot disinfect under your bed or behind your couch for example.

Additionally things that are not directly in the path of the light will not get as much disinfection, but they will still receive some benefit.

However, UVC that generates ozone as a byproduct of the chemical reaction of the light with the air can disinfect in any area air can flow (for example behind your couch and under your bed)

UV-C light does not automatically produce ozone. Only the 185nm wavelength of UVC light generates ozone because this wavelength of UVC light reacts with oxygen to break it into atomic oxygen, a highly unstable atom that combines with oxygen to form O3 (Ozone).  However, it quickly reverts back to normal oxygen within minutes.

Ironically, UVC light in the 253.7nm (no ozone) wavelength will break this third oxygen atom attachment above and convert it back to oxygen.  So, a UV-C lamp at the 253.7nm wavelength will actually destroy ozone! 

Some people want UV sanitizer lamps that produce ozone while others do not.  So we make both!

Ozone or no ozone – the choice is yours!


  1. Remove pets (do not cover cage)
  2. Cover top of fish tank 
  3. Remove plants
  4. Open windows and turn on available fans for at least 30 minutes before re-entering

1. If you have any respiratory conditions, DO NOT use the ozone (185nm) UV sanitizer unless you don’t plan to re-enter for at least 1 hour after use.
The non-ozone sanitizer (254nm) is best

2. The ozone sanitizers (185nm) provide an added layer of disinfection and should be used in:

a) Commercial settings, offices and businesses after hours where an added level of disinfection is desired.

b) In residential settings when occupants have left for the day to go to work or school AND THERE ARE NO PETS AROUND INCLUDING FISH, RODENTS, SNAKES, SPIDERS etc.

Within 2 hours of disinfecting with an ozone producing UV sterilizer lamp, the ozone will have naturally reverted back to regular oxygen and the premises are safe to enter without further ventilation.

Ozone producing UV light sanitizers have extra odor killing power and added to the UVC, are amazing pet odor eliminators, smoke odor removers and more.

Karen Wagner

Operations Manager
With Box 2

Germozap MEGA 100w UV Sanitizer Lamp

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