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Deeply Sanitize Entire Rooms of COVID 19
For Just $149.99
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Effortlessly Sanitize 99.99% Objects, Surfaces & Air from COVID in Just 15 Minutes
Your viral air scrub constantly runs in the background obliterating viruses form the air. Now you can deeply sanitize surfaces and objects too!
Here’s What Customers are Saying About Germozap MEGA 100w Room Sanitizer Lamp
Great Products/great service

Love this company, love the products they offer and they are very customer service oriented. We purchased the 100W lamp to use for traveling. We like that it can be set for 15 minutes and up to 60 minutes, as needed; we like that it does not produce ozone so the room/space can be entered immediately upon completion of the cycle and the space does not need to be ventilated. HUGE plus for traveling.
We also purchased the smaller unit which is a little larger than a glade plug-in air freshner. These little guys can run 24/7 and can be placed anywhere and there is no need to leave the room/space when running.

C. Skinner
Seller bends over backward to make things right

I have used dosimeters to measure the amount of UV emitted by this device. It is putting out enough to kill just about any pathogen including e-coli nd the Covid virus. THE LIGHT IS DOING ITS JOB. Arrived with broken bulb seller replaced it

Matthew F.

Love this product! I’m a teacher and use it to disinfect my classroom. Saves me so much time on sanitizing!

Christine S. M.
Great Light

Great product! I use this to sanitize my lab after patients and it's perfect. The device beeps to let you know it is about to turn on. I recommend to everyone, great size and powerful light!

Kimberly S.
Sanitize large rooms fast and easy

We bought this product because we have four kids at home now and my wife is a nurse who borders on germaphobic! We use this product in rooms after a cold or flu has been in our household. It's great for disinfecting bedrooms and the timer prevents any exposure to the UV while setting it up to start.

Midwestern Texan
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