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Sanitize the Air You Breathe Everywhere You Go!
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UV Light Sanitizer Personal Air Purifier


Effortlessly Sanitize the Air at Home, in the Office, When You Travel or All 3!
Works quietly in the background to obliterate bacteria and viruses including coronaviruses
Here’s What Customers are Saying About Germozap Portable Viral Air Scrub!
AWESOME for close up odor reduction, especially in litter boxes! Or travel sanitization

With this plugged in I forgot that I hadn't changed the puppy pad for a week! It made a huge difference placing it close to the litter box and also cuts down on some of the food odors there. I didn't notice any weird odors when running it for the first time and it's silent as well as having just a very dim light.

The Artist Formerly Known as ʢ
Feeling safe because of its portability

Love the size. Bought 3 for desks. Completely noiseless. One is for my office desk and one for my husband and the other for my boss. Already started recommending to my co-workers. This one is going w me on my trips as well

J. Radice
So far this is a good buy

I got the item for my office at work because of Covid and having a constant stream of people in and out. It sits on my desk, quiet, and inconspicuous.

Bradley Z.
It really works

We have a small dog room, 10x7 which houses their food and wee wee pads. Its never smelled great in there. Air fresheners masked the odor but it was ever present. Since putting this device in there the smell is I'd say 65-70% better than it was and requires no scented products anymore.

It's portable

Love, Love this item. I have it sitting on the desk in my office and it runs 24/7. Both my dogs spend all day in my office with me and I used to be able to smell dog prevalently when I would walk in. With the Germozap, I don't smell anything. Also, I have terrible allergies and can sometimes sneeze more than 10 times run a row. My office is now my safe zone, I don't ever sneeze there.

Tim B.
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