Germozap Portable Viral Air Scrub

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COVID Air Purifier Sanitizes the Air So You Can Get Back to Normal Life!

Your Portable COVID Air Purifier Works Quietly in the Background Zapping Dangerous Germs including Coronavirus

Have Peace of Mind Knowing Your Environment is Clear of up to 99.99% of All Harmful Bacteria and Viruses

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Why Germozap Is the Best Air Purifier for COVID

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“UVC radiation is a known disinfectant for air, water, and nonporous surfaces”

Food & Drug Administration

National Institutes of Health

“Only seconds of exposure is required for complete inactivation of bacteria and viruses”​

National Institutes of Health​

Travel COVID Air Purifier
Portable Air Purifier Office
Air Purifier Classroom
Portable Air Purifier

Get Back to Normal Life while Effortlessly Zapping Dangerous Germs including COVID

Germozap UV sanitizer kills all strains of coronavirus, flu, mold & more. Your air purifier for viruses and bacteria can prevent 99.99% virus spreading.

Perfect air purifiers for home, office, school, allowing you to get back to normal life and stay safe. If you own a business, your UV sanitizing air disinfectant germ air purifier will show customers your business is safe & healthy

Scientifically Proven - Trusted by Hospitals!

Hospitals trust UVC to disinfect their spaces.  Now you can use to sanitize yours!

UV Air Purifier
Photocatalytic Disinfection

Extra Protection with 2x Sanitizing Power of Other Air Purifiers for COVID

Get double protection from coronavirus and other dangerous germs with not 1, but 2 sanitizing technologies used by hospitals and NASA to purify their air

Portable! Can Be Taken Anywhere! Outlet Not Required!

Plug this portable air purifier into:

  1. 1. A electrical outlet with adapter sold separately
  2. 2. USB port (car, computer, etc)
  3. 3. Power bank and take it EVERYWHERE
Travel COVID Air Purifier
Air Purifier Car
Germozap Pet Odor Eliminator

See What Our Customers Say

“With this plugged in I forgot that I hadn’t changed the puppy pad for a week!”

Actual Testimonial from Real Customer

Disinfection Rates PROVEN! Electrical Safety Approved


EPA EST No. 97721-CA-3

The ONLY Portable Air Purifier ETL Certified for Electrical Safety

1 Year Iron Clad, Unconditional Warranty

Portable Air Purifier Proven

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Germozap Portable UV Air Purifier

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Germozap Portable Viral Air Scrub

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Frequently Asked Questions

Less than 25 decibels.  A whisper is 25 db so we say “it’s quiet as a whisper.”

This air purifier will cycle the air 4 times per hour in a 120sf room.

For smaller rooms it will have a higher number of air changes and for larger rooms, it will have fewer.

This is perfect for a small room like bathroom, laundry room, closet, cubicle or office.

Absolutely!  It is USB powered so it can be plugged in to your car directly and it fits perfectly in the cup holder.

No. We include a UVC bulb at 253.7nm which DOES NOT emit ozone.

But if you want the added disinfection and odor killing benefits of ozone, you can purchase 185nm UVC bulbs which DO produce ozone

  1. 1. Plug it in to any 110/120v outlet
  2. 2. Plug it into any USB outlet (car, computer, etc.)
  3. 3. Use a portable power bank

Germozap offers a no questions asked 1 year warranty.

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