MEGA 100w UV Sanitizer Lamp

MEGA 100w UV Sanitizer Lamp

Deeply sanitize air, surfaces and objects in entire rooms in just 15-60 minutes without lifting a finger.

Proven by a third-party accredited lab to kill more than 99.9% of bacteria and viruses in just 30 minutes.

With a whopping 100 watts this UV sanitizer is a powerhouse sanitizer.  Most other UV sanitizer lamps only have 38 or 65 watts and offer less disinfection strength and can only accommodate smaller spaces.

Sanitizes air, surfaces and objects in the room all at once.

Studies show that UVC light is highly effective at killing coronavirus.

Even kills the bacteria that cause odors (yes… odors are actually cased by bacteria)

While this UVC sanitizer cannot be used when people and animals are in the room, it is perfect for deep disinfection of bacteria, viruses and even mold and small insects like mites and bed bugs in just 30 minutes and without the elbow grease.  Just plug it in, leave the room and turn it on using the remote control (included).

Benefits of Germozap UVC Sanitizer Lamp- 100 watt

  • Kills more than 99.9% of all bacteria and viruses in just 30 minutes
  • Sanitizes surfaces, objects and air at the same time
  • Whopping 100 watts for stronger disinfection and coverage of larger rooms up to 1,075 sf
  • 2 UVC sanitizing bulbs for double the disinfection
  • Disinfection rates certified by accredited third party lab
  • No harsh chemicals – just pure, fresh, sanitizing light
  • Kills bacteria, viruses, mold and even some small bugs like mites and bed bugs (bedbugs must actually be exposed to the light)
  • Fantastic for killing bacteria that cause odors – your bathroom never smelled so naturally fresh
  • Ozone free to keep you safe
  • Cheaper than wipes and sprays and never run out
  • Gets into tiny cracks and crevices where wipes and sprays can’t reach
  • Safe to use on surfaces like marble which can be easily damaged by chemicals from wipes and sprays
  • Because bacteria are killed almost instantly, they don’t have to time to develop resistance
  • UVC light can even kill bacteria for which there are no effective drugs to treat, called “superbugs.”

Special Features of Our Design

  • Whopping 100 watts! – Most other lamps are only 38 or 65 watts
  • 253.7nm wavelength for peak disinfection rates
  • Quartz glass & mercury bulbs for maximum UVC penetration
  • Special 360° design – Sanitizes in every direction, no grates or thick bars to block the light from sanitizing
  • Bulb life: 10,000 hours (approx.) About $9.99 to replace.
  • Free UVC measuring device included with every lamp so you know your UVC device is working perfectly.
    • 30 second delayed start to give you time to leave the room
    • Instead of suing the delay feature, the lamp can be turned on with the remote while you’re safely outside of the room.
    • Motion sensor to turn off the lamp if a child or pet enters the room or if any motion is detected within approx 15 feet
    • Ozone free to keep you safe!

              Disinfection Times

UV Light Sanitizer 100w

Where to Use the UVC Room Sterilization Lamp

  • Home
    • Bathroom – remove odors
    • Kitchen – remove odors
  • Office
  • Schools
  • Cars
  • Churches or Synagogues
  • Businesses
    • Restaurant kitchens – removes odors
    • Business Bathrooms – removes odors

NOTE:  This is not a medical device and is not meant to be used on human or animals.  It is not meant to treat illness or keep you from getting sick.

WARNING: UVC light can cause skin and eye damage.  Never shine UVC light on your skin or in your eyes or on animals.  Never look directly at the light.



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