Clean Air Machines for School Keep Dangerous Germs from Spreading
Add UVC Light to Your Cleaning Supplies and Keep Students and Staff Safe
While Getting Back to Normal

Air Purifier Viruses Large Room

Large Room Air Purifier for
Bacteria & Viruses

Effortlessly Eliminate Viruses from the Air You Breathe
Perfect for Classrooms up to 710sf
Suitable for Use with Children Present & Whisper Quiet 

UV Light

MEGA 100w
UV Sanitizer Lamp

Hospitals Trust UV Sterilizers to Disinfect Their Spaces
Now you Can Use this Room Sanitizer Lamp to Deeply Sanitize Classrooms after Hours up to 1075sf
UV Light Sanitizer Personal Air Purifier

Viral Air Scrub UV Air Purifier

Effortlessly Eliminate Viruses from the Air
Perfect for Teacher Desks and Small Rooms Up to 120sf
UV sanitizer wand

UV Sanitizer Wand

Sanitize Everything, Everywhere!
Kids Hands Are Full of Germs
Quickly & Easily Sanitize High Touch Areas Up to 99.99%

Karen Wagner

Operations Manager