UV Sanitizers for Surfaces

Effortlessly sanitize surfaces of dangerous germs including coronavirus, flu, MRSA, Staphyloccus, Salmonella, E.coli and more. UVC light is scientifically proven to kill every bacteria and every virus.

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UV sanitizer wand

Germozap UV Sanitizer Wand

Sanitize everything, everywhere including door handles, light switches, stair railings, moldy areas, computer, remote control, keys, grocery bags, delivery boxes and more.

Perfect for home, office, car, school!

View Disinfection Reports from Accredited Lab – 99.99%
UV Light Sanitizer for Room

Germozap MEGA 100w UV Sanitizer Lamp for Rooms up to 1,075sf

Finally available for home and business use! Effortlessly sanitize entire rooms including air, surfaces, knobs, handles, switches and everything inside using scientifically proven hospital technology!

Perfect for home, office, business, school, church, gym, restaurant and more.

View Disinfection Reports from Accredited Lab – 99.99%

uv sanitizer phone charger

Germozap Cool-Charge
Phone Sanitizer Wireless Charger

You have to charge your phone.  Why not sanitize it at the same time?

Studies show the average phone carries over 25,000 bacteria per square inch. That’s 10x more than a toilet! Eeewwww gross!

Perfect for home, office, salons and more!

View Disinfection Reports from Accredited Lab – 99.99%

Karen Wagner

Operations Manager