Germozap Viral Air Scrub Large Room Air Purifier

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Our Air Purifier Is Not for Everyone!
Only for Those Who Breathe!

Made specifically to obliterate viruses and bacteria so you can get back to life!

Great for people with asthma and allergies. Removes smoke and odors including pet odors. Effortless! Just turn it on.

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Why Germozap Air Purifier for Bacteria and Viruses Is the Top Choice!

Germozap Is Featured In

Germozap in the News

“UVC radiation is a known disinfectant for air, water, and nonporous surfaces”

Food & Drug Administration

National Institutes of Health

“Only seconds of exposure is required for complete inactivation of bacteria and viruses”​

National Institutes of Health​

CDC Recommends UVC

“UVC is effective in reducing the transmission of airborne bacterial and viral infections”

Centers for Disease Control​

Formerly Only Available to Hospitals UVC Light Obliterates 99.99% of Dangerous Bacteria & Viruses including Coronaviruses

Hospitals have trusted UVC to sanitize their spaces for decades.  Now you can use it to sanitize yours!

UV Air Purifier
Air Particles Stay in the Air up to 1 Hour

Contaminated Air Particles Can Travel up to 27 Feet and Stay in the Air for up to 1 Hour

Breathe easy knowing family, customers & employees are guarded by the same technology hospitals trust.

Expertly Engineered to Specifically Kill Viruses and Bacteria

No other COVID air purifier for viruses and bacteria comes close to our virus-zapping power.

Built around 4 UVC bulbs that are 6 inches and 4 watts each , this Viral Air Scrub has a  whopping 16w of virus killing power.

Why Germozap Air Purifiers Are Better
Air Purifier Disinfection Reports

Scientifically Proven!
View Actual Disinfection Reports from Accredited Lab (Below)

We tested and re-engineered until this Viral Air Scrub achieved maximum disinfection of 99.99%.

View the actual disinfection reports below in the tabs section.

Then We Added Comprehensive 5-Stage-Filtration

HEPA Air Purifier 5 Stage Filtration


Captures dirt, fur, hair, insects, sand, fibers, pollen and other large particles

Activated Charcoal
Carbon Filter

Eliminates smoke, smog, PM2.5, VOC’s, odors, gases, chemical vapors and even ozone by absorbing the molecules of these substances into the charcoal granules

Filter H12

Captures 99.97% of all particulates as small as .3 microns including dust, pollen, allergens, mold spores, pet dander, bacteria. H12 allows more air changes than H13 filters and has proven more effective

Cold Catalyst

Decomposes poisonous gases like formaldehyde, Benzene, Xylene ammonia, TVOC

Air Purifier

Ionizers take neutral atoms and electrically charge them.  These atoms stick to fine particles and pathogens including bacteria and viruses disrupting their exterior structures thereby killing them. CAN TURN OFF AS DESIRED

Germozap Testimonial Allergies

Get Relief from Allergies, Asthma and Remove Pet Odors

In addition to more UVC, your HEPA air purifier has more allergen, particle and odor capturing filters than other air purifiers for home and office.

Because of this, you are protected by the strongest air filtration and odor eliminator available.

Actual Testimonial from Real Customer

Get Back to Normal Life & Stay Safe Too!

Kids in and out?  Need to call a repairman? No worries! Just turn on your large room air purifier and get back to normal life!

Germozap UV air sanitizer kills all strains of coronavirus, flu, mold, more. Our air purifier for viruses and bacteria is proven by an accredited lab to prevent 99.99% virus spreading.

Air Purifier for Office

Get Back to Normal at Work and
Stay Safe Too!

People in and out of your office all day? Working directly with customers? Your UV sanitizing air disinfectant germ air purifier will filter up to 99.99% of dangerous germs and show customers your business is safe & healthy

Just turn on your personal air purifier and focus on more important things knowing the Germozap Viral Air Scrub has you covered.

At 24db on low setting, your air sanitizer is so quiet, you won’t even know it’s there.

More Features than Other Large Room Air Purifiers Make Effortless to Use

Extra features make it effortless to use. Just set it and forget it.

  • -PM2.5 Air Quality Monitor
  • -VOC Air Quality Display
  • -Auto Setting – senses dirtier air and automatically adjusts fan
  • -Auto Shut-Off
  • -Temperature Display
  • Ideal for large rooms up to 710 sf 
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Quiet Yet Powerful with High Tech Soundproofing

Germozap’s UVC air purifier works quietly in the background obliterating viruses in the air. Your UV light sterilizer is lined with professional-grade soundproofing material to further decrease noise.


As a result, this air sanitizer machine has one of the lowest sound ratings at 24 decibels on sleep setting.

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MEGA 100w UV Light Sanitizer Lamp

Frequently Asked Questions

Low: 25db         This is db of a whisper which is why it’s called “whisper quiet”

Medium: 31db

High: 36db

This air purifier is meant for use in rooms up to 710sf in order to get 5.55 air changes per hour.  This means the air in a room this size will be cycled through the air purifier 5.5 times each hour.

Smaller rooms will have more air changes and larger rooms will have fewer air changes.

Why 5.5? Because 5 air changes per hour (ACH) is optimal for allergies and asthma.

Because the UVC bulbs are completely contained inside the air purifier, it is safe to use 24-7.  However, while we are not sure why you would want to do so, you can turn off the UVC if desired by using the remote.

No, the bulbs are 253.7nm and do not emit ozone.

However, you can buy UVC bulbs which emit ozone by clicking here.

Ozone provides added disinfection but may be harmful to your health if you suffer from respiratory or cardiac diseases.  Please consult your doctor before using ozone.

This is why we sell our air purifier for bacteria and viruses with UVC bulbs that DO NOT produce ozone

The Germozap Viral Air Scrub has an ionizer function which can be turned on or off to produce ozone or not as desired.

When the air purifier is first turned on, the ionizer is turned off.  However it can be turned on by the display panel or the remote control.

Ozone offers added disinfection because ozone molecules travel outside the air purifier and kill bacteria and viruses which come into contact with the ozone molecules including on surfaces.

Even if you don’t use the ionizer while present, you could use ionizer while away (work, shopping, etc) and then turn it off when returning to the room.

The ozone particles will revert back to oxygen within approx 30 minutes.

Yes! This air purifier has an activated carbon-charcoal filter to remove VOC’s.

The Germozap Viral Air Scrub also has an air quality monitor which automatically adjusts the fan speed as needed to clean dirtier air.

Just set it to auto and forget about it!

The Germozap Viral Air Scrub comes with everything you need including the 4-in-1 filter including:

  • -Pre-filter
  • -HEPA H12
  • -Activated Charcoal-Carbon Filter
  • -Cold Catalyst Filter

The filter is not washable because some of the filters will damage in water.

The air purifier has a filter change reminder light set to turn on after 6 months of use.  To turn off press the Mode button for 5 seconds.

Replacement Filter

Replacement Bulbs NO OZONE

Replacement Bulbs WITH OZONE

Germozap offers a no questions asked 1 year warranty.

Return Policy

Makes the Perfect Gift!

Large Room Air Purifier

Germozap Viral Air Scrub Large Room Air Purifier

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