Germozap Cool Charge UV Sanitizer Phone Charger

You Have to Charge Your Phone.
Why Not Sanitize It at the Same Time?

Studies show the average phone has 25,127 bacteria per square inch. That's more germs than a toilet!
Eeww gross!

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Why Germozap UV Sanitizer-Phone Charger Is Top Choice

Germozap in the News

“UVC radiation is a known disinfectant for air, water, and nonporous surfaces”

Food & Drug Administration

National Institutes of Health

“Only seconds of exposure is required for complete inactivation of bacteria and viruses”​

National Institutes of Health​

CDC Recommends UVC

“UVC is effective in reducing the transmission of airborne bacterial and viral infections”

Centers for Disease Control​

Sanitize Your Phone WHILE It Charges

It’s a fast wireless charger station and a cell phone cleaner all in one. 

Most sanitizers don’t charge your phone while it is being sanitized which means sanitizing your phone is one more hassle and you’re less likely to do it.

With Germozap Phone Sanitizer-Wireless Charger you get the best of both worlds. Sanitize your phone and charge it at the same time.

Wireless Charging Station Sanitizer
Wireless Charger Compatibility

Faster than standard USB phone charging. 10W wireless charging pad supports fast wireless power to any Qi enabled device.

This Android and Apple charging station for iPhone 12 wireless charger, iPhone 11, iPhone 8, iPhone SE, iPhone XR and iPhone 7 wireless charger. 

Works with All QI Enabled Android or iPhones

This phone sanitizer and charger also works as a Samsung Galaxy s10 wireless charger, android wireless charger, Pixel 3, Pixel 5 wireless charger, wireless airpods charger Airpod pro charger. 

This charging dock is also a UV sterilizer for Apple watches but can’t charge them as these watches do not use Qi wireless charger technology.

Don't Put Your Phone in a HOT Box!

We all know heat can damage a cell phone so you definitely don’t want to put your phone in a box with hot bulbs.

Unlike other UV light phone sanitizer boxes which are closed with hot bulbs, our cordless charger qi charging pad charges and sanitizes your phone in the open air keeping your phone cool and safe.

Wireless Charger UV Sanitizer
Wireless Charger Safety

Built In Safety Features

This fast wireless charger has built-in safety features to keep your phone safe including certified:

  1. – Surge protection
  2. – Overheat protection
  3. – Overcharge protection
  4. – Magsafe

Pacifier Sterilizer

No other COVID air purifier for viruses and bacteria comes close to our virus-zapping power.

Built around 4 UVC bulbs that are 6 inches and 4 watts each , this Viral Air Scrub has a  whopping 16w of virus killing power.

Pacifier Sterilizer
Makeup Brush Cleaner

Makeup Brush Cleaner

Clean your makeup brush in just 5 seconds. Sterilize up to 99.99% of bacteria that would otherwise get in your skin.

Sanitize Other Objects Too!
Not Limited to Small Box

Your wireless cell phone charger also doubles as a pacifier sanitizer, toothbrush sterilizer and gadget sanitizer.

Because you’re not limited to what can fit in a small UV phone sanitizer box, our wireless charger/UV phone sanitizer can also be used for larger items.

Makeup Cleaner Pacifier Sanitizer

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! The charger works through cases up to 6mm thick so unless you have an unusually thick case, you will not have to take the cover off

  • Works with most QI enabled Android or iPhones.
    iPhone 8 and newer
    Samsung Galaxy S4 and newer
    Google, Nokia, LG, HTC and most major manufacturers 2012-present

The Germozap Phone Sanitizer-Wireless Phone Charger comes with a USB cable and can be plugged into any USB outlet.

To plug into an electrical outlet, you will need to use a 5 volt/2 amp adapter (not included).

To use the fast-charge feature, you will need to use a QC3.0 adapter (not included)

Germozap is the best phone sanitizer because it charges and sanitizes at the same time and charges in the open air instead of a closed, hot box.

No. The charger does not function when items other than a phone are placed on it.

Sanitize eyeglasses, pacifiers, remote controls, game controls, makeup brushes and anything that will fit on the charging pad.

Yes!  Just position the tablet on the charging pad until you see the charging indicator on your phone activate.

If you look directly at the UVC light, you can cause eye injury.  The UVC light on our phone sanitizer is hidden under the top black bar and it shines downward to protect your eyes.  WARNING: DO NOT LOOK AT THE LIGHT

Be sure to press the button to turn off the UVC light before removing an object from the pad.  Like exposure to UVA and UVB rays from the sun, UVC light can damage your skin.

Our UVC lights are 253.7nm which is the wavelength proven to have the greatest disinfection.

Makes the Perfect Gift!

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Germozap Cool Charge UV Sanitizer Phone Charger

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